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FAR 145 Repair Station Training and Consulting
Course Content
• Lesson 1, Course Introduction

•Lesson 2, Certification Process Overview (OVR). This lesson describes the certification process, how it aligns with the Safety Assurance System (SAS), and the relationship between the safety attributes and the Data Collection Tools (DCTs).

Lesson 3, Repair Station Ratings (RSR). This lesson presents the various repair station ratings found in part 145 repair stations. It also presents the ratings categories and the types of work that can be performed under each rating.

Lesson 4, Preapplication Phase (PRE). This lesson explains the first phase of the certification process, the preapplication phase, and lists what an applicant for a repair station certificate needs to do to begin the certification process. It also explains the different types of information the ASI provides to the applicant.

Lesson 5, Formal Application Phase (FAP). This lesson provides information about the second phase in the certification process, the formal application phase. It also lists the documents that the applicant must submit as part of a formal application package and describes what to look for when reviewing these documents and how to give feedback to the applicant regarding deficiencies.

Lesson 6, Design Assessment Phase (DAP). This lesson discusses the third phase in the certification process, the design assessment phase, and explains how the certification project team performs an in-depth review of all materials submitted in the formal application.

The next three lessons apply to the design assessment phase of the certification process. The information in these lessons also applies to surveillance. It is important to remember that the same tools are used for certification and for surveillance.

Lesson 7, Design Assessment: Repair Station Manual (RSM). This lesson looks at the requirements for a repair station manual (RSM) under part 145 and some criteria you can use to evaluate the applicant’s repair station manual.

Lesson 8, Design Assessment: Quality Control Manual (QCM). This lesson addresses reviewing the applicant’s quality control manual (QCM), which must also meet the requirements of part 145.

Lesson 9, Design Assessment: Repair Station Training Program (RST). This lesson presents information regarding the applicant’s training program, which is also part of the design assessment phase of the certification process. The lesson will also review the guidance of Order 8900.1 and AC 145-10 as well as the process ASIs use to approve the training program.

Lesson 10, Performance Assessment Phase (PER). This lesson covers the fourth phase of the certification process, the performance assessment phase. During this phase, the ASI visits the repair station to determine if it operates in accordance with the procedures documented in its manual system.

Lesson 11, Administrative Functions Phase (AFP). This lesson discusses the final phase in the certification process, explaining how the repair station certificate and operations specifications (OpSpecs) are prepared and issued. It also reviews how to finalize the contents of the repair station’s certification file. 

We are offering training for those interested in obtaining a FAA 145 Repair Station from the FAA then we offer consulting to help work with the FAA to successfully obtain your FAR 145 Repair Station Certificate. 

This course was created at the management level to help applicants work through all of the various gates the FAA requires to move towards the certificate. Outline of each section is described below. 

This course is a live instructor led class running 4 days at 6 hours per day. The course costs are $2000.00 plus travel expenses. Travel expenses are paid up front to lock the schedule and client provides a learning space appropriate for the class. Book sets cost $50 per student. The course come with a completion certificate and end of course exam if required by training program. 

This course qualifies for FAR 145.165 Training Program Indoctrination training. 

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