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Avionics Technician Handbook- Volume One
This book covers aircraft systems that operate using pulsed radio principles. These systems include; onboard weather radar, Air Traffic Control Reply Beacon System (ATCRBS), Distance Measuring Equipment, and Radar Altimeter. Included in this book are systems that receive inputs from the described systems that are; Traffic Collision Avoidance Systems (TCAS), Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS) and Automatic Dependent Surveillance version B (ADS-B). 

This color book has the slides used in the lecture and includes the six worksheets required for the course. This book is being made available to the public to help those technicians already working in aviation and desire to learn about avionics in a simple format that will coincide with the real world experience they might be working. This book can introduce the world of air carrier aircraft to those who wish to work for the airlines. All of the systems described in this book are required today for commercial operators.

The Avionics Technician Handbook- Volume One was written by technicians for technicians to be the Handbook for the line maintenance technician to have in the field. This book provides information about those avionics systems that provide the interface between the pilot and the aircraft systems and the concepts on the use of typical avionics test equipment. These two volumes are designed to prepare technicians for the NCATT Add-On ratings for Radio Communications Systems, Onboard Safety Systems, Dependent Navigation System and Autonomous Navigation Systems. These books are also created to teach real system testing and troubleshooting of avionics systems. These systems include: 

    Principles of test equipment calibration
    General Aviation Cockpit Orientations
    Operations of and troubleshooting with a basic multimeter
    Testing with an Oscilloscope
    Using a Megohmeter or Insulation tester
    Testing with a TDR (Time Domain Reflectometer)
    Performing an aircraft Compass system swing
    Test and calibrate an aircraft fuel quantity system
    Performing a test of an aircraft's Pitot/Static System
    Operation and testing of aircraft engine indication systems.  

This book is a must have for those pilots wishing to understand the operation of the avionic systems in most GA and Air Carrier aircraft. Pilots today need to have a better understanding of the systems to work with the technicians when troubleshooting problems. The goal for both books is also to provide study information for the NCATT Add-On Ratings. In the index of each book has a cross reference chart to help technicians find all of the subjects in each of the four current rating.
Building on the previous two versions of Avionics Test Certification Test Study this book continues with a new name and more material. This book has all of the same 34 review subject areas that the original book had but now has more specific study information based on exit interviews with technicians who passed the test. This includes more targeted information about wave generation circuits, mechanical to electrical schematic reading and the principles of electronic voltage regulation. In one place, you will have a clear understanding of what subjects and to what level the test is given.  This update includes all of the worksheets at the end of the sections. Answers are still provided in the appendix. 

This book provides information about how the NCATT AET rating has been accepted as a worldwide accreditation through ASTM International. This makes obtaining your Avionics Certification and the associated add-on ratings more valuable to potential employers. By having this certification standard recognized by a large worldwide organization, the opportunities that can be opened to a technician are boundless.  

     NCATT AET Test Study Guide 

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     Aircraft Radar Systems 
Aircraft Glass Cockpit Operations & Maintenance is an introduction for the pilot and technician alike designed to introduce them into the complicated word of aircraft glass cockpit systems. This book is designed for persons who want to learn about the more complex indicating systems from simple to complex. 

Starting with the history and reasoning behind the change to glass displays to descriptions of the many types of displays and indicators installed. This book will help those technicians who want to learn about how all of the navigation and flight indication systems “talk” with each other or just to look into the complication world of modern aircraft cockpit. This book covers how a cathode ray tube works and the new light emitting diode and liquid crystal display systems. From easiest to more difficult systems that are commonplace in every aircraft being produced today. 

     Aircraft Glass Cockpit Operation and Maintenance

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Aircraft Radar Systems
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ATH Vol 1
I am offering two versions of this new book, one color and the other monochromatic at a lower price. The information is the same but the difference in the cost of printing is passed onto the learner.  
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ATH Vol 1
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New for 2021 I have been converting my NCATT AET textbooks into an online course. All 72 worksheets are being converted into 10 minute videos covering all elements in a easy to understand lecture and practice format. 

Each video takes time to create to provide the same quality as the original class room presentation. 

If you would like to take a sneak peak you can check out my link here by pressing on the picture here. 
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